Mahogany shove ha’penny board




This is a traditional English pub game that has been played with many different coins through the centuries. In the fifteenth century the game would have been known as Shoffe-Groat or Slide-Thrift and would have been played in taverns. Many variations of the game have developed in different regions over the years.

This version of Shove Ha’Penny would have first appeared in 1840.

A ha’penny coin is placed slightly overhanging the bottom edge of the board and players must shove the coin with the heel or palm of the hand so as it slides up the board. Lines are marked on the board and the areas in between these lines are called ‘Beds’. A player scores a point every time a coin lands in a bed, but no point is scored if the coin touches the line or lands outside the beds. Players take turns with the ha’penny peices. Scores can be marked in chalk on the edges of the board and the winner is the first player to land a coin 3 times in each bed. Sometimes a rule is played which allows players to keep re-playing any coin that scores.

The boards are handmade by ourselves from hardwood and are available in solid oak or a mahogany type timber.
Every board comes complete with five genuine half pennies and instructions/rules sheet.